Key Features:

  • Special Inspections: Structural & Masonry, Infrastructure, Replacement, Site Work, SWPPP

Services Rendered:

  • Construction Inspection 



Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection

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Clinton Combined Sewer Overflow Storage Facility 

Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY

Bryant Engineering and Land Surveying, as a subconsultant, provided construction inspection services for special inspections requiring a New York State Professional Engineer for this $77M, six million gallon CSO storage facility. Inspections included structural elements related to tunnels, buildings and supporting elements, including masonry. The Tunnels consisted of three 15’ x 22’ x 850’ long reinforced cast-in-place tunnels and 55’ underground with a stormwater feed flushing tank constructed over the tunnels.

The 40’ wide x 60’ long x 70’+ deep East and West chambers were complex with numerous chamber components and gate control systems. Building support structures included grade beams, building beams, slabs, columns and shell masonry for two (2) large control buildings at each end of the tunnel storage system.

Bryant also performed numerous other inspection services not related to special inspections, such as infrastructure replacement, backfill, site work and SWPPP inspections.

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